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Published Poetry and Reviews

Jessica is featured in Voyage LA Magazine!

An incredible honor came to her inbox...a query from Editor, Mike Bhand of Voyage LA, an esoteric magazine on LA lifestyle, community, and start-up entrepreneurs! View the intimate article asking Jessica questions about her beginnings as a Poet, and how she started the Los Angeles Poet Society -- her 7-year legacy to the city of LA! 

There is also room for you to become involved with the Los Angeles Poet Society and its next evolution! Read all about it! 

Poem: post election (NEWLY PUBLISHED WORK!)

Poem: post election

Written the night of Tuesday, November 8, 2016, in immediate reaction to the churning face of racist America in a possible right-wing, misogynist, bigoted fashion...

Scary times at our doorstep...

Read Jessica's poem, published by DryLand Literary Magazine.

(c)November 2016

Poem: Origins

Published in the radical periodical, Change Links, Jessica features at the Poet of the Month...

Here you will see a poem, Origins, which questions our obsession with pin-pointing down the origins of each human we encounter for proper judgement... 

There should be no judgement. 

This is one of her activist poems. 

Poem: There's a Poet in My Bed

A love poem, There's a Poet in My Bed, published by the Los Angeles Poet Society shows Jessica's romantic lens and erotic senses.

Poem: Rain in December

Published by California Poets in the Schools.

Jessica has been a Poet Teacher with CPITS since 2012, and the Los Angeles Area Coordinator since 2014.

Enjoy a Los Angeles based poem, Rain in December.

(c)Jessica M. Wilson

Poetry Video: Being Human

Jessica performs Being Human for the 2015 Lit Crawl LA celebration.

Recorded and published by Guerrilla Reads.

Video Credit: Bronwyn Mauldin

Poem: Down in the Belly

Published by Truck Magazine

Jessica's poem Down in the Belly, is a narrative account of the capitalist human eating system we all live under in the good ol US of A... which is never or rarely satisfied.

This is also an apocalyptic poem. 

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